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Our firm is dedicated to corporate litigation while being attached to solve as soon as possible any situations of conflict. We assist our clients in their corporate governance issues, upstream or downstream of minority or majority changes of control, where their liability are at stake or their rights are being affected. Our firm is renowned for defining and leading to its completion a comprehensive judicial strategy before judicial jurisdiction and arbitration bodies, from taking of interim measures to the enforcement of decisions obtained.

Our clearly defined positioning is a guarantee of independence in sensitive cases / conflicts of interest and ensures our freedom of action. Our deep-seated expertise of judicial proceedings allows us to provide our clients with an accurate analysis of the risks and a continued support until the end of the case, with determination and creativity. The risk management requires to know at any time how to solve conflicts. We know how to identify the balanced bases of a negotiation propose appropriate solutions.



  • Disputes between shareholders: implementation of shareholders’ agreement, enforcement of put/call options, exclusion clause, abuse of majority/minority.
  • Corporate litigation: post-acquisition litigations (earn-out, price adjustment, liability guarantee), wrongful termination of negotiations, transactions not completed between signing and closing.
  • Executives: civil and criminal liability, negotiation of exit package.
  • Contractual litigation: abrupt termination, enforcement actions, contractual liability.
  • Unfair competition: parasitism, massive poaching, antitrust related litigation.

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